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Reviewed October 4 2017
Our 2 hour walking tour of historic downtown LA with Neil proved to be tremendously informative and entertaining. In addition to Neil's tremendously enthusiastic knowledge of his home town, he added a social commentary that we 3 particularly enjoyed as newcomers to this area of the city. We have no hesitation in recommending this company and Neil in particular. A great experience.
Reviewed September 24 2017
Really enjoyed our tour with Neel and got to learn so much about LA and its history. We would recommend to anyone visiting the city
Reviewed September 11 2017
We did the downtown LA tour on a Saturday morning and Julia was the best! She answered all of our questions and was super friendly. I loved that she had an Ipad to show us historical photos of buildings we were walking by. DTLA is so unique in that so many buildings from the early 1900s are still standing and are being preserved. I loved walking around DLTA - its a super walkable city with a lot of change going on. Julia also made great recommendations of things to do next and places to eat. These tours are a great way to get introduced to dtla - and appreciate all of the hid
Reviewed September 7 2017
Excellent guide who knew the answers to all of my many questions. I thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to understand more about the Downtown area and its exciting resurgence.
Reviewed August 31 2017
Our tour guide Neel was jolly, knowledgeable, fun and very energetic. We did the Los Angeles beginnings walking tour. He really like what he is doing and loves the City of Angels. A great two hour walk and time well spent. You should give it a try.
Reviewed August 6 2017
My wife and I are long time Los Angeles residents and decided to take this tour. What a treat it was. Our guide was Aaron and he was great. We learned so much about the city in which live, and we taught him a few things as well. I would highly recommend this tour for tourists as well as locals. The price was very reasonable and the tour lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Aaron gave us time to explore each venue and never rushed us through.
Reviewed August 4 2017
Victoria was our guide and was a wealth of knowledge about movies being shot downtown. Lots of fun tidbits and just conversation about downtown LA. It's busy, it's crowded, it's got everything including the hotel were the academy awards started back in the day. A great afternoon!
Reviewed July 31 2017
My wife and I did the downtown architecture tour....learned a lot about different styles of architecture, the history of L.A., the history of specific buildings, lots of interesting tidbits about the city and those who built it, and even some tips on how to enjoy today's L.A. (a great tip got us easily into the Broad Museum that very day, a museum which is usually sold out a month or more in advance).

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about this great city and see some very cool building exteriors and interiors that you otherwise might miss (native Angelenos could surely benefit, too, and have more to boast about their great city)!
Reviewed July 31 2017
We were staying in the area and wanted to learn more about "our neighborhood". We loved the insights from Neil about the old and new DTLA. It is well worth the walk and he was very patient with our 6 year old. We loved the Cathedral and the hidden spots behind the Disney concert hall.
Reviewed July 10 2017
good place to visit,This trip will give you a relax and enjoyable time.old train and new office bldg, time change within a mintue.
Reviewed July 9 2017
This was my first visit to L.A., and as with most new cities, I always look for a tour as a way of establishing the history, culture and central points of a new place that I'm visiting. DTLA was no different. Having discovered the hard way that L.A was diffuse and sprawling (trudging through an industrial area for the best part of 30 minutes), meeting our guide for the L.A's Beginnings tour was a welcome respite from attempting to understand the workings of the city on our own.

The tour was full of information and interesting stopping points, and our guide, Nicky, proved very knowledgeable and seemed enthusiastic about the subject matter - all the guides carry iPads to add to the tour via photos, movie clips and old city plans which bring the city to life. We did the Old and New Downtown tour in the afternoon, too, so a full day of activities for a modest $30 seemed very reasonable and was great value for money. We went on the tour during a major heatwave too, so it was appreciated that our guide worked to find shade where possible.

My only (very small) comment about the tour would be that - as you'd expect with such informative guides - the commentary from our guide sounded slightly more rehearsed than natural, which slightly took the sheen off a genuine enthusiasm. It would have been nice to deviate slightly from a script in favour of injections of personality, humour or personal anecdotes - but this is just a personal preference that in no way affected the high quality of the tour!

For the sheer comprehensive nature of the tour's coverage, as well as its brilliant value for money and enthusiastic tour guides, this must be one of the best, most reasonably priced tour outlets in L.A. Would recommend!
Reviewed July 5 2017
This was my 5th time in LA, but the first time in downtown. I really discovered the area with the help of this tour - the tour is well planned, has exact balance of history, walking and interesting stories. We learned a lot, and the guide was also openly discussing our questions. Best part of this latest LA trip.
Reviewed July 4 2017
Most people don't explore downtown Los Angeles until their third or fourth trip to the city and I am not exception to that rule. What I found is that the character, culture and history of DTLA is a lot more interesting than some of the more famous tourist attractions that people come to Los Angeles to visit.

Downtown LA Walking Tours provide tours on virtually every aspect of downtown LA and all of them are detailed and interesting. The tour guides all have an extensive understanding of the history of Los Angeles and they carry an ipad to show you photographs or movie clips of people they are talking about, movies or television shows that were shot there, or how the area used to look.

There are a lot of better advertised tour companies in Los Angeles but, for my money, Downtown LA Walking Tours is one of the very best values for your dollar. I highly recommend it.
Reviewed June 19 2017
My daughter and I arranged our tour for Father's Day for my husband. We all had a GREAT time! Our tour guide, Nicky, was extremely enthusiastic and very knowledgable! While we live here in LA, we never knew the history of downtown. We all feel as if we will be better hosts to our out-of-ton guests now!! Highly recommended!
Reviewed June 19 2017
Neel, did an exception job in explaining downtown LA architecture and providing interesting stories about history of buildings and architectural styles. The tour is definitely worth the time and is an excellent value.
Reviewed June 11 2017
My first proper visit to downtown LA in many years - I booked 4 separate walking tours with Downtown LA Walking Tours and they were each excellent. Locals who were passionate about their City and their subject, professional, had loads of knowledge and extra information for all the questions we posed...can't say enough positive things about them! If you want to get a real feel for this City, do one or more of their walking tours. My favourite tours were the Downtown Architecture and the Arts District - so much to explore here...I will certainly do more tours when I am next in town.
Reviewed May 13 2017
As someone who has taken multiple trips to the states from Australia, I've kind of come to know Los Angelesas a kind of necessary evil - a place to fly into and out of the country through, to do some shopping, maybe go to the beach and get out to the rest of the country. It was probably my 6th visit to LA and I had never spent any time downtown. I'd heard the voices from other tourists and guidebooks saying to stay away, go to Santa Monica or the theme parks, or Beverly hills etc, there's nothing for you downtown.

Yesterday, I decided to take a tour and see for myself, and I was so glad I did, I feel like I finally understand LA for the first time. I took the old and new tour which focussed on the history and specifically the gentrification (and hipsterfication) of LA and how that's brought new life to the city. This is happening now, evidence of it everywhere! The run down vs the hipster newness bringing it back to life. People coming back into the city to live and play. I was thoroughly impressed.

It was a small tour group of 3, which suited me fine. Our guide, Nikki, was not a native to Los Angeles but she showed a passion and understanding of the city that made it very enjoyable. She was clearly very knowledgeable and a good tour guide. It was not a huge amount of walking for 2 hours, maybe a couple of kms.

Would absolutely recommend dtla walking tours, more than anything, for those who have held off dtla like I did to give it another go, but DTLA tours are a great way to be introduced to the city and get an understanding of it in a safe, informative, and entertaining way.
Reviewed May 5 2017
I had such a great tour with Lauren! The tour was informational and very fun. It covered a lot of different areas but I never felt like the group was going too fast. Lauren took time out to answer everyone in the tours questions and make the tour more like a walking party than just an average tour. Thanks Lauren!
Reviewed May 2 2017
The LA downtown walking tours are a great way to discover the history of Los Angeles. Depending on which tour you decide to take you will see everything from the first theaters in Los Angeles, when movies were only ten minutes long and everyone stood, to the LA Food market where you will discover spices and foods you never knew existed. Fortunately many original historical buildings are intact although many of the most majestic were torn down for parking lots before the Los Angeles Historical society was able to stop them. Downtown is the oldest section of Los Angeles and a walking tour is definitely something that should be on your list - especially for history or film buffs.
Reviewed April 29 2017
I booked a tour with Neel and ended up being the only one on it. However unlike another tour group who canceled my reservation when I was the only one Neel actually took me out. He is a native to LA and actually lives downtown. It was a fantastic 2 hours spent exploring DTLA and since I was the only one he tailored it specifically to my interests. Really enjoyed learning more about the city and definitely walked away with a more holistic appreciation for LA. Highly recommended.
Reviewed April 28 2017
Our guide, Neel, was great - full of energy, humor, and information. This was our first visit to downtown LA and we learned a lot. We highly recommend this tour.
Reviewed April 25 2017
Recently went on the Old and New LA walking tour. It was fantastic! We learned a lot of interesting facts about the history and buildings in downtown LA, and we also received pointers on places to come back to visit again. Our guide was friendly, engaging, and incredibly informative. Highly recommend!
Reviewed April 14 2017
An excellent walking tour was provided showing the grisly and macabre side to Downtown LA. It also provided an opportunity to see great buildings that have featured in LA's history over the last 150 years and go to an area of LA we wouldn't otherwise have thought to visit. Our guide, Lauren, was well versed and provided accompanying photos and videos for the tour using her iPad. Both myself and my 15 year old daughter found the tour fascinating. We traveled both to and from the start and end of the tour by subway from our North Hollywood base which was very convenient (aside from some slight delays with the network on the day).
Reviewed April 10 2017
Walking downtown Los Angeles is the way to go, be it the famous Art Walk on the second Thursday of every month to simply bar hopping on starting at Flower and 6th. With enough fine dining and unique restaurants, you will have plenty to experience and make your visit one to remember.
Reviewed March 28 2017
Our party included two LA-area residents and two out-of-towners. We took a Saturday tour of Old & New LA led by Aaron. He was great, very personable. We all four learned much about Los Angeles and will sign up for more DTLA tours.
Reviewed March 27 2017
Great pace- we were not rushed and we were not bored. Knowledgeable guide- combined architecture and history into an entertaining tour.
Reviewed March 11 2017
Simply put AWESOME - fun, enjoyable, historical, affordable Neel really knows his LA stuff. Totally recommend A MUST when in LA. Time for you to book
Reviewed March 2 2017
Experienced guide and informative tour that's entertaining, too. A good way to get oriented if new to LA. We saw many heritage buildings in Downtown LA. Quaint neighborhoods and a bit of prewar history. Suitable for anyone who can walk 2 hours. Pace is lively but not strenuous.
Reviewed February 27 2017
The Downtown LA Old and New tour led by Aaron was a perfect introduction to Los Angeles history and culture. Aaron used his extensive knowledge of the area to weave an organic tale of the urban evolution of this perplexing downtown area. His enthusiasm and welcoming attitude really made it fun. I served as a docent for a Frank Lloyd Wright complex in Buffalo for 11 years. I really appreciated how well Aaron engaged the group and made it a well-paced and rewarding experience. Bravo! Highly recommended (at least of you can get Aaron as your guide!).
Reviewed 24 February 2017
I recently did three 2 hour tours with this company and enjoyed them all tremendously. I learned a lot about the history, architecture and different sections of downtown. The guides are very knowledgeable and were able to answer my questions. Because downtown is experiencing a renaissance, I'm glad I got to hear about the exciting changes underway.