• 2019.03.09 LA's Beginnings
  • 2019.03.12 Haunted Tales
  • 2019.03.25 Old & New
  • Bradbury Building
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Welcome to Downtown LA Walking Tours!

We're going online!

For the time being, we have moved to a virtual format due to the COVID-19 situation. We want to entertain you with the history, architecture and culture of Los Angeles digitally!

We can host our public and private tours via Zoom, broadcoast straight to your phone or computer with a live tour guide. 

There will be no ticket prices for the temporary online format, however, we would appreciate if you could 
purchase a Gift Certificate or a Donation to help our team. 
Private Tours
Downtown LA Walking Tours offers public and private tours for parties, schools, groups or corporate events digitally via Zoom.
Please contact us and we’ll work together to figure out the right itinerary for your special party and offer you a great personalized tour.
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