About Downtown LA Walking Tours
The Company was formed in 2009 to fulfill the interest of those who wanted to learn more about Downtown Los Angeles. Tours are tailored for both tourists enjoying a few days in the City and for the local who has lived twenty plus years in Los Angeles. Each guest comes away learning something fascinating of the City of Angels! The tours are meant to teach the guests the history of the neighborhood, witness the present changes and prepare themselves for the exciting future ahead.
Our Guides
Neel Sodha
Neel founded Downtown LA Walking Tours in 2009. As a previous volunteer at LA Union Station, Neel recognized locals and tourists alike were interested in exploring and learning the history of Downtown Los Angeles. Neel has been watching the growth of Downtown LA since moving into the South Park neighborhood in 2007. He has a strong passion for the Downtown community, attends local civic events, walks the streets each day and is constantly educating himself on the ever changing neighborhood. Neel is eager to share his excitement and enthusiasm of his hometown in each of his tours!
Robert Rosenblum
Robert is an artist and a native Angelino. He has a deep passion for the arts, the city, its history and its people. Exhibiting regularly, he is entrenched in the vibrant art scene throughout Los Angeles and is honored to share his knowledge and passion with everyone. Many artists have come to rely on him to help make connections with others to foster a growing community of collaboration that help make this city a friendly and exciting place to live, work and visit. 
Julia Long
Julia is a Los Angeles native and loves learning about and exploring cities. She is a florist, writer, and researcher with a passion for photography and all things travel-related, and a Master’s Degree in Art History. While working at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) Museum, Julia discovered a love for leading tours, and now she looks forward to sharing historical, architectural, fashion, and flower facts with locals and tourists alike! 
Neel Sodha
Victoria is a native of Southern California and moved to Los Angeles as soon as she had the chance to live on her own. She loves getting to educate guests on what she believes is the greatest city in the world. Having traveled to over 25 countries and living abroad, she loves welcoming guests from all over the world to learn about the culture and history of Los Angeles. She is currently studying Literature and Media at American Jewish University. Victoria is grateful and excited to give tours in a city she is so passionate about.
Aaron Shuman
Having grown up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Aaron loves being able to explore and share knowledge of Downtown LA. After graduating from college on the East coast, Aaron moved back to his home town of LA with a new found passion for this city. As a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Aaron has a love for all things involving the arts, entertainment, music, and live performance, and loves being able to show how culture has shaped the evolution of Los Angeles.
Nicky MacWhorter
Nicky is a writer originally from South Florida. She always had the classic dream of taking off to California, and she’s so glad she did, because she loves everything about her new home, Los Angeles! As a lifelong history student and enthusiast, she’s excited to share stories of LA's vibrant past and how it became the incredible city that it is today. She looks forward to showing guests how that history has been preserved throughout the city, as well how it continues to be made on the streets every day, shaping LA’s present and future.